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Two More Claims Against Gabryszak

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Two more women have stepped forward, filing a notice of claim against Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak. They say they were forced to quit their jobs because they were subjected to the assemblyman's sexual harassment.

Read the claims HERE.

In the claim, attorney John Bartolomei says Tardone began her employment with Gabryszak in July 2009 as communications director. Tardone says she was subjected to continuous sexual harassment by Gabryszak from her first day on the job until she was forced to quit in late 2010. Tardone claims she reported the inappropriate behavior to chief of staff Adam Locher who told her to "ignore it, that is the way Dennis is."

Tardone's claim says Gabryszak offered to let her stay at his apartment, which she immediately declared "highly inappropriate" and they would need to work out arrangements in Albany. In 2009, Tardone claims Gabryszak insisted she come to his Albany apartment to go over documents he had there. When she was at the apartment, Tardone says the assemblyman grabbed her and tried to kiss her. After stating she would only work with him in the office with others around, Tardone contends Gabryszak would not support her travel to Albany in any way.

Emily Trimper began her employment in Gabryszak's office in August 2007 as a regular part time office administrator. Trimper claims from the first day on the job until she quit in March 2008 she was also subjected to Gabryszak's sexual harassment. She too contends Locher was given notice of the behavior but did nothing to protect her.

Trimper says Gabryszak discussed a number of lewd topics, including watch pornographic movies on Cinemax. Although made in front of Locher, Trimper says she did not know how to approach him with an objection because this was her first paid career job. Trimper also claims Gabryszak offered her the use of his Albany apartment in case she was looking for a place to stay.

Bartolomei says a seventh former employee is likely to come forward in the near future. He also represents Kimberly Snickles, Jamie Campbell, and Annalise Freling, who filed notices of claim last month.

Another aide, Caitran Kennedy, filed a notice of claim on December 23rd.

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