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Poloncarz: Gabryszak Should Resign Now

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has tweeted it's time for Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak to resign. Not soon, now, he says.

The tweet comes in light of allegations brought forward by Trina Tardone she was sexually harassed by Gabryszak during her time as communications director for the assemblyman. "I have known Trina Tardone for many years," Poloncarz tweets. "She is a consummate professional. Ms. Tardone is well respected by all and if she said it happened I believe her. He should immediately resign."

Tardone along with Emily Trimper, through their attorney, filed a notice of claim Friday, bringing the total number of accusers to six. Their attorney John Bartolomei believes a seventh will come forward soon.

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