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Choose, Buffalo: Famous for Snow or Nothing at All?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Buffalo, New York is without question a city that is known for its snow. It's also famous for chicken wings, the Bills, and beef on weck. But take all that away, except for snow, and here's the question: would you prefer Buffalo be famous for snow or be unknown?

The answer is easy to Therese Hickok of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. "You never want your community to be an unknown entity," says Hickok. "Having Buffalo be known for something like snow, for example is not necessarily a bad thing because people have learned to embrace it." Hickok says Buffalonians don't hibernate in winter. They ski, and play other outdoor sports. "It makes us a more well-rounded community, as we take advantage of other attractions."

Hickok says once upon a time, snow gave Buffalo a bad rap, but things are changing. "We've seen lately the national media pick up on all the reasons why this community is in position for the rebirth we're about to see. The snow no longer overshadows that," she explains.

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