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Noisy Snowmobile Raises Concern, Public Hearing Over Missing Code

Grand Island, NY (WBEN) A couple of years ago, the Grand Island Town Board reworked the town's code. Only recently, did members realize they inadvertently dropped one such code.

The complaint came from a resident whose neighbor was noisy on his snowmobile. "Somebody on a snowmobile kept riding around and around his house for two hours straight," says Supervisor Mary Cooke. "When it came time we had a complaint, somebody turned to the code and said yes there's section to it, looked and it was gone, so we have to get that back into the code."

Getting that back into the code is not so easy. The basic part of that section says noise from a field vehicle operated less than 1,000 feet from a residence "and continually ride, creating steady noise," explains Cooke. But a public hearing is needed to amend the code.

Cooke says the board will follow the cue from residents who speak up at a public hearing. "If we hear things that require more time, we'll refer to the board and do that. If we hear things that indicate we're on the right track, we'll move it toward adoption," says Cooke, who indicates the code will be the same as before.

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