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7th Woman Comes Forward Claiming Harassment by Gabryszak

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A seventh woman has stepped forward, filing a notice of claim against the Assembly, the state and Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak over claims of sexual harassment.

Kristy Mazurek served as communications director for Gabryszak from October 2008 to June 2009. She's retained John Bartolomei as counsel in the claim. Bartolomei is representing five other women filing notices of claim.

Read the claim HERE.

Mazurek's claim says when she first came to Gabryszak's private apartment, she felt "very uncomfortable" seeing photos of women in various states of dress on the walls. She also says Gabryszak pointed out a flat roof and "told her she could use that space to sunbathe topless."

Her claim adds another state official, aware Mazurek was Gabryszak's employee, commented "have you seen how she looks?" Mazurek claims she was subjected to sexual innuendos and comments about her physical attributes.

Mazurek advised her immediate supervisor, chief of staff Adam Locher, of the harassment, and received immediate retaliation. She claims time sheets were not turned in, and her salary was cut. By the time she quit, her pay was cut in half.

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