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A man clears a sidewalk in blizzard conditions in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Friday, Jan. 3, 2014. The region is in the grip of unseasonably cold temperatures with heavy snow and high winds. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Andrew Vaughan)

Some Worked in Blizzard

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Not everyone had the luxury of a snow day Tuesday. While many watched the whiteouts from the comforts of their homes, others had to battle the elements to make some green.

Joe was heading to homes with heating trouble. "There's a lot of people without heat, mostly malfunctions," he explains. Joe was spending the afternoon trying to dodge whiteout conditions, which at times hit the northtowns.

Tommy had the option of staying home, but the pizza delivery guy saw green in these whiteouts. "I was thinking this would be a very lucrative day," says Tommy. "I knew I had to get out here and try and make some money because if no one was on the road, I could get around faster."

Nurses rarely get days off, and that was the case at Hospice Buffalo. "We had nurses and doctors all out and about seeing patients in Erie County making sure they were ok," says Kelly, who was coordinating them. "These are patients who want to stay home, they don't want to go the hospital. This is an important time to reach out and the patients and their families were wonderful as well."

Pat was coordinating nurses for a licensed home health care center. "More than half our staff made calls, checked on clients, made sure our employees are safe. We've got our employees visiting clients at their homes, making sure they have food, medication, water, and they're warm," says Pat. "We're the Florence Nightingales of Western New York. We have to get out there, we are essential people, and they're trudging through the horrible weather."

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