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"SAFE Act Protest Planned for Saturday"
Is Not Available At This Time.
01/10/2014 1:06PM
SAFE Act Protest Planned for Saturday
Are you planning on participating in the protest?
01/10/2014 2:03PM
safe act protest
yes and I'll fire more than one
01/10/2014 3:41PM
I plan on showing up to support, rather than oppose, the SAFE Act.
01/10/2014 3:59PM
That's it....YES!
01/11/2014 1:01PM
A powerful message
The South towns sounded like the second act of a civil war. Very powerful protest in the end.
01/12/2014 1:47PM
Get over it
MOST people in this state---or nation for that matter, don't own or care about guns. The gun nuts really need to take a pill and chill out. This is nothing but an ongoing orgy for the most paranoid. Don't encourage them.
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