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"The Pothole Season is Upon Us"
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01/14/2014 5:43AM
The Pothole Season is Upon Us
Where's the worst pothole in WNY?
01/14/2014 6:02AM
Hopkins road in Amherst between West Klein and Dodge is HORRIBLE!!!! Please fix it soon unless driving in the center turn lane is ok now?
01/14/2014 7:21AM
why fix and lose a job!
come on the highway guys don't want a PERFMENANT pothole fix - no job......a guy once told me that fixes them for the county, when then patch a pothole, the bucket they clean the shovel in has a solvent that eats away ashphalt, they drip a small amount near the pothole they fix and next year there is another pothole right there.
01/14/2014 8:23AM
there is a kind of pot hole a bit by our mail box they came around last year to fill it in but i guess that did not work there is still water there yet.i wood like someone to look at it.its at 1755 cain rd north collins ny 14111 nothing big something small when they get free time.
01/14/2014 8:35AM
Worst POTHOLES in WNY on a single stretch of roadway
I believe, without a doubt, it has to be Waterview Parkway, Brook Gardens, in Hamburg, NY. It is a disgrace. Someone I know recently incurred $1,000 in damages to his vehicle, due to these unavoidable potholes.
01/14/2014 8:44AM
Some of the worst potholes are on Conner Road in Clarence. Someday someone is going to be killed or seriously hurt because of people dodging potholes.
01/14/2014 9:35AM
Elliott creek road and thistle in the town of tonawanda
01/14/2014 10:02AM
Been a issue for a long time even our new County Executive mention this road in his campaign Goodrich in Clarence between Lapp Rd and Tonawanda Creek is horrible. We even have "rough Road Signs" The road in that part is so rough a few yearsago a mortorcyclist lost his life then they put up the rough road signs. So Mr County Executive when are you going to repair it right?
01/14/2014 10:38AM
kenmore ave
Kenmore ave needs work from stairn ave east to the boulevard. road ruff pot holes everywhere!
01/14/2014 11:11AM
Eden Potholes
Eckhart Rd (between Route 75 and East Eden Road) is filled with potholes, which have been causing traffic headaches and car suspension difficulties.
01/14/2014 11:26AM
danger zone
you have to drive either in the center or far right of the lane to drive down old beattie in lkpt...worst it has ever been thanks to increased truck traffic
01/14/2014 3:57PM
Worst potholes
Klein Rd. between Hopkins and Transit!!!
01/15/2014 10:00AM
Delaware Road = DISGRACE
The Amish have nicer dirt roads!!!! The T.O.T should be ashamed.
01/15/2014 10:06PM
North Tonawanda Hands Down
Some of the potholes are 5-10 years old! Payne Avenue from Meadow to Ward. Entire stretch of Oliver Street. I bet that we can tell where all the DPW Workers live. Just look for the streets with no potholes.!
01/16/2014 3:32PM
The I-90 Between Mayville and Dunkirk
The right lane is horrible!!!
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