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"Argument over texting leads to fatal shooting at movie theater"
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01/14/2014 8:14AM
Argument over texting leads to fatal shooting at movie theater
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01/14/2014 9:32AM
The victim here is not Limbaugh
That's what your station tried to maintain after the Colorado theater shooting. It was bunk then and it's bunk now. Wingnuttery will make you loco.
01/14/2014 10:56PM
01/14/2014 11:52PM
You really need to elaborate, because (and I say this proudly), I haven't listened to him in about 8 years.
01/15/2014 11:22AM
what does limbaugh have to do with this?
He shouldn't have been texting in the show, that is very annoying and the phone is supposed to be shut off. Maybe this will be a lesson to people about phone courtesy. Texting is dangerous in the wrong places, so is throwing popcorn at people, especially older people. And since when can a 3 year old text?
01/16/2014 12:14AM
Good Grief
THIS is why we need gun control. I have no desire to take guns away from responsible people, hunters, etc etc. I have plenty of such as friends! BUT you can be very sure I want to keep ALL the guns away from criminals, crazy people, and paranoid hotheads like Curtis Reeve and his ilk! YES, CONTROL THEIR GUNS! I hope this guy rots in jail.
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