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Food Trends for The New Year: What’s On the Table for 2014?

Did you try a “Cronut” last year?
The donut-croissant hybrid that debuted in New York City was arguably the biggest food item of 2013. Who would have thought that this sugary, rich treat would dominate the culinary world last year?
Some of the other dishes that gained in popularity were as diverse as the foods they represent: kale was seemingly on every menu, same with beet salads, quinoa and the one that never fails to crack me up: a Ramen Noodle burger, which calls for the cheapie noodles to be fashioned into buns.  They, too, drew long lines of people as many hungry people thought the Ramen-enclosed burger was a must-have.
As with most trends, things come and go and a few stick, sometimes to your ribs.
A number of articles popped up when we rang in the New Year, with a focus on what patterns to salivate about in 2014. Let’s look in our crystal pot and see which “It” items are trending:
  • Cheaper cuts of beef—sirloin filet, strip steaks, Denver cuts
  • Ancient grains—millet, kaniwa (similar to quinoa) and spelt
  • Cauliflower, collard, turnip and mustard greens
  • Continued emphasis on locally-sourced meat, produce and herbs
  • Brazilian cuisine, especially over-the-top steakhouses (one is about to open at the Walden Galleria)
  • So called “trash fish” such as wolf eel and sea robin
  • More gluten-free items, even snacks like potato chips
  • Kid-friendly menus in eateries not traditionally associated with family dining
  • Kimchi and other Korean food becoming more mainstream
  • Pressure cookers become popular again

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01/14/2014 10:22AM
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What trends would you like to see?
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