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Where are the Worst Potholes in WNY?

With crews on the roads applying cold patch, and cars already swerving around - or into - the latest crop, Buffalo's Early News and go in depth on potholes this morning.

On The WBEN Liveline: Sam Carubba, Carubba Collision | Buffalo Streets Commissioner Steve Stepniak   SEE ALSO: A WBEN Photo Album-  Clarence's Pothole Crew

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As part our our look at the pothole crop emerging in WNY, here's some of the trouble spots provided by loyal WBEN Listeners.
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More nasty potholes on Youngs Rd between Sheridan Drive and Main Street, and Eggert Road between Brighton and the 290.

Rte 219 south just past boston hamburg exit in the right lane is like a mine field

Abbott Road in O.P. South of 20a

North American Drive West Seneca

Worst potholes on Sowles Rd. in Hamburg. Dodging potholes feels like you're driving around construction cones on that road.

Potholes-all of Hopkins Rd. (Amherst)

Final curve on Ellicott Creek heading to Sweet Home

N.Tonawanda is pothole ridden. Reckless driving charges may actually be attempts to avoid them and stop accidents before they happen.

Main at Niagara Falls Blvd has a trench

Main Street by UB has terrible potholes!

North French between Niagara Falls Blvd and Sweet Home Rd.

South Park Ave. is like driving on the moon due to all the craters!

The whole city of north tonawanda is one big pot hole

Hopkins Rd. between Klein & Dodge Rds. A disaster !!

Worse pot holes on Delaware Rd. In Kenmore and Hopkins and New Rd. in Amherst.

Hopkins Road between Dodge and Maple in Amherst. Horrible potholes

Division Street in North Tonawanda.

Worst pot holes- Delaware Rd. in the Town of Tonawanda/ Kenmore. Epic fail.

Rt 86 is falling apart from the 219 westward to Randolph!

Kensington Expressway looks like it was carpet bombed

Hopkins Rd in Amherst

So Park throught Lackawanna

Sweeney St. in North Tonawanda.


Goodrich Road in Clarence Center!!!

Old Niagara Falls Blvd. In Amherst next to the cemetery on right side of road.

The entire city of Lockport is just terrible. Youre not safe on any street.

All of Niagara falls. Buffalo Ave has the same ones for almost 4 years.

Why cant some of the millions of dollars won from the Seneca Nation  be used to pave roads?

Potholes on North French Rd between East Robinson and Northpointe.

Elmwood Ave between Sheridan Dr. and Knoche Rd.

Sweet Home from UB to Maple

Potholes: The entire City of Niagara Falls

Youngs and Maple, rt. lane

Losson Road between Borden and Transit

Big pothole on Bank St. In Batavia near Muckdog Stadium!

The entire length of Clinton Street in Lockport.

Old Beattie Rd in Lockport is full of potholes

Crater at Dick Road and Barone Circle in Cheektowaga

Delaware road potholes

North America Drive in West Seneca. The WHOLE STRETCH between Union and Ransier. VERY BAD!

Hopkins Rd from Williamsville north to Clearfield Library

Lincoln in Lockport is bad also

Goodrich Rd has terrible pot holes) to see and it appears the roadway is separating from rest of roadway. Its on a slight curve so a person doesn't expect them

 Bad series of potholes. Niagara Falls blvd. Town of Wheatfield. North of Witmer rd. In southbound driving lane. Near Oppenheim Park. They're very hard

Hopkins road between Maple and north French has a ton of potholes.

Bullis Road, Elma

Potholes each township should find them on their own we shouldn't have to tell them where they are thank you

Heading south on Niagara falls Blvd. Just before Witmer Rd
RT219 s/b and n/b @ the Genesee looks like the moon

Worst pot hole. Winspear Rd. in Elma

South Park Ave., Lackawanna, NY
  And from
Where are the worst potholes in WNY?

I would think an easier answer would be name a road in WNY that isnt riddled with giant potholes.

There's a pothole on Indian Road in Cheektowaga that is so bad, if you hit it going over 45 miles an hour your car goes in and comes out on the other side of Lackawanna!

The entire section of north French traveling from Sweethome to Niagara Falls blvd due to shotty construction
Hopkins between Dodge and Klein. But they are going to "patch" it so that those patches come off about 3 seconds after they are put down. They have been patching for years!

Walden ave bridge over I 90

 Beach and Wherle. I hit one so hard that my radio went off

Losson Rd between Transit and Jeffrey you did the wrong part of Losson..
Indian road in the Cheektowaga!!!

Cheektowaga. Yep. All of Cheektowaga.

Goodrich Road!!!

Any street in Jamestown.

The stretch of Hopkins from Dodge to Klein in Amherst is like a battlefield of potholes

Rt. 39 from Yorkshire to Arcade is full of them!!!

On the road. Any road in W.N.Y.!

Decauter near NF Boulevard!

Niagara Falls


On West Delevan right outside Danny's corner store! Buffalo!

Rt 33 in Bergen, NY the bridge above the train tracks - must be 200 pot holes

Saint Lawrence and Duluth St. More of a sink hole than a pot hole.

Klein Rd in Williamsville is a pot holeWinspear in Elma...hit it last night!
 Lockport is the biggest Pothole in WNY.

Perhaps people should safely start taking and posting pics of all of these roads not only to show everyone how bad these roads are but also for possible liability issues for repairs to their vehicles, potential accidents as a result of these conditions, and even resulting injuries that may be involved. And, included with the pic, the date that you reported it to the City, Town, or whoever has jurisdiction over maintaining that road....just my personal opinion...

They're all over the place Year-round it's a joke the amount of money we pay for taxes As New Yorkers

Main st by UB then on Kenmore Ave by Niagara falls Blvd.


End od Bud Mil Dr. Past the cirle in the city. It is a city owned street but they ignore it! Can't even report it because it doesn't show up as a street. War zon

Multiple damaging ones on Indian Road in Cheektowaga 14227

Orchard Place in Gasport.

River Rd, Town of Tonawanda by LaFarge, Vanocur Refractories, 3M, and Tonawanda Coke.
Hopkins Road between N French and Klein is probably #1 and Losson Road between Borden Rd and Transit Rd is probably #2

Hopkins road just feet from Williamsville North HS


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