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"WBEN Extra: A Year After NY-SAFE"
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01/15/2014 6:46AM
WBEN Extra: A Year After NY-SAFE
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01/15/2014 8:38AM
waste act
It is unworkable and denies the rights of It's citizens to have Freedom and Liberity. It creates a nazi STATE. M y family survived AUCTHWITZ , and know very well about Gun Control, And the state it creates.
01/15/2014 10:32AM
Don't fret
There will still be plenty of random massacres, innocent Americans will continue to be killed for no reason. You can comfort yourselves with that assurance. There there.
01/15/2014 2:16PM
The rest of the story
Voters in local, state, and federal elections are ignorant, spoiled, or both. Right where the elite political class wants them. (Just think "bread and circus"). Gun Control is not only a Second Amendment issue, but a well thought out plan to make US destroy OUR own Constitution and re-title the population from "citizens" to "subjects".
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