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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Accusers' Attorney Release Gabryszak Video & Texts

(WBEN) When he resigned Sunday, former assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak characterized the inappropriate comments between him and his accusers as "mutual banter", but nothing that constitutes sexual harassment. 

An attorney for a trio of his accusers says otherwise--- and has released text messages, facebook postings and even a graphic video of the Assemblyman in a bathroom stall, all allegedly from Gabryszak and sent to his accusers.

"I don't think anyone would consider sending (these text messages and video to a female employee) to be banter,"  writes Niagara Falls Attorney John Bartolomei, who represents the first three Gabryszak former staffers to file a notice of claim against the then assemblyman, in a prepared statement.

“We will not litigate this case in the media but this response is made necessary by reason of the absurdity of Mr. Gabryszak’s statement, which shows no remorse, acceptance of responsibility or connection to the reality of the circumstances,"
    -- Attorney John Bartolomei.

from The NY Daily News,
via YouTube


In graphic detail, the Bartolomei statement quotes Gabryszak telling  one of the accusers that she gives him an erection, and cites  text messages that suggest a desire for oral sex.   Bartolomei also released a previously reported video that was referenced in the initial notice of claim.

In it Garbryszak appears to masturbate before leaning into the camera and saying " “Is this what you wanted?”

Bartolomei also released texts saying he “might want to lock,” and later correcting himself to say “No I meant lick.,'

There is also a summary of  Facebook conversations referring to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis of Staten Island as 'Malliocockkiss' .

Reached by WBEN Bartolomei offered no further comment, beyond the prepared statement first reported by the NY Daily News. 

Gabryszak attorney Terry Connors could not be reached to comment.

Here's a copy of the texts and facebook messages released by John Bartolomei, an attorney for some of Dennis Gabryszak's accusers

And here's Bartolomei's statement:

and some facebook postings Bartolomei released, where Gabryszak refers to another legislator with a crude mangling of her name.


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