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Fortune: Best Places to Work Rankings Feature Wegmans

(WBEN) Slipping from thier top ten ranking for the first time in several years, Wegmans supermarkets has once again earned a spot toward the top of Fortune magazine's annual nationwide  "Best Places to Work," rankings for 2014.

The Rochester-based supermarket chain ranked 12th overall nationwide and remains the magazine's best company to work for in Western New York and all of New York State.

Google placed first, in the national ratings based on employee surveys.

"The survey asks questions related to their attitudes about management's credibility, job satisfaction, and camaraderie," Fortune writes. 

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Medical software company SAS ranked second nationwide, followed by The Boston Consulting Group, financial services firm Edward Jones & Quicken Loans to round out the top five.

Last year, Wegmans placed 5th overall nationwide and slid one place in each of the prior two years.  From 2011 to 2007 they were ranked third nationwide, and debuted in second when the annual list premiered in 2006.

Wegmans 2014 ranking beat several large New York City based financial firms such as American Express & Deloitte.

Of Wegmans Fortune writes:

What makes it so great?
College students, take note: Almost half of employees are 25 or younger at this family-owned grocery retailer on the East Coast. Flexible scheduling, an employee scholarship program, and stretch assignments help young employees grow within the company, and 66% of jobs are filled through internal promotions.

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