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"WBEN Extra: Donald Trump Running for Governor ?"
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01/20/2014 5:39AM
Who Could Run if Trump Doesn't?
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01/20/2014 8:01AM
Ha ha ha
Look at everyone trying to keep a straight face while fluffing up this birther clown. Every time you think the right wing fringe has hit a new low, they outdo themselves. Can't wait until these particular dinosaurs are finally extinct.
01/20/2014 9:58AM
Anything but the Marxists we have right now
That's the best the republican party can offer? In any case it is a lot better than the Marxist government we have right now. We re leading the state in loss tax income, welfare expense and no credible future in sight. Cuomo has to go and some of his gang members along with him. It doesn't matter who comes next it cannot be worse. It is impossible.
01/20/2014 2:02PM
Running for Governor? Seriously?
I can't believe that people are taking this seriously. Trump has conditions that there be no primary and all the Republican leaders have to back him. He is just an egotistical pompous person that some of our ignorant local leaders embrace. Seriously???
01/20/2014 3:12PM
RE Marxists
LOL! Hey WBEN that's your listenership. Feed 'em Limbaugh, make 'em stupid. You own it.
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