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Donald Trump: Despite Reports, No Decision Yet

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - With plans to visit Buffalo January 31st, a radio station report out of Rochester came as a surprise to many that said Donald Trump had decided not to enter the race for Governor of New York.   That's not the case according to those close to Trump.

The report is "false" according to the head of the Trump organization.  A complete statement follows:


The story appearing on www.lonsberry.com and www.wham1180.com today
stating Donald Trump has decided not to run for governor of New York
is false. The story is based on an email I sent which was apparently
given to WHAM-AM talk show host Bob Lonsberry. The station is based in
Rochester, New York.

There is absolutely nothing in my email stating Mr. Trump will not
run. Anything to the contrary is false and takes my email completely
out of context.

The email was nothing more than a call for action to the four
individuals who have been actively involved in the Trump draft for
Governor. The goal was to advise them of the results of my meeting
with Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and to urge them to
continue their calls to top Republican Party leaders to increase
support for Mr. Trump.

Only Mr. Trump can make a decision whether he will or will not run for
Governor. Mr. Trump has not made a decision yet; he has said he will
decide by early February. When he does, he will make a public

Mr. Trump wants the Republican Party of New York to unite behind one
candidate who can win. As many GOP County chairs have told us, Mr.
Trump is the only person who can defeat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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