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Trump Campaign May Mirror Perot's

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As Donald Trump mulls running for governor, or even president, one author says Trump will face the same challenges as a presidential candidate in the 1990s.

Scott Farris, author of Almost President. says as far as a gubernatorial run goes, Trump will have quite the challenge. "We have an incumbent with a high approval rating, so it will be a tough slog for The Donald," says Farris, but "there's some appeal out there, and he will have a lot of attention like Ross Perot did. He's kind of a folk hero, where some think the ultra rich isn't beholden to special interests and can run government evenhanded."

If Trump's going to run, Farris says Trump must be able to decide what he's running for, and be able to communicate that in a "billionaire next door" way. "It really is a matter of can Donald Trump convince the people of New York success in business and real estate to translate to politics. Can someone known for having a big ego work with others with big egos in politics to get consensus and compromise, and that's something someone in a board room's not used to," explains Farris.

Farris says Trump must not let his personality become too controversial. "You may recall Perot's campaign, where he was leading President (George H. W.) Bush and (Bill) Clinton for a while, but then his quirks caused people to reassess his campaign," recalls Farris.

Farris says if Trump wants to run for the White House in 2016, the same will apply.

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