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Super Bowl Monday? Not So Fast.

New York, NY (WBEN/AP) - Much of the talk surrounding the Super Bowl has nothing to do with the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks, instead it's the weather that's on people's minds.

RJ Santillo of ESPN 98.7 in New York says that if the winter weather is too much to handle, the NFL could move the game. "They've talked about moving it anywhere from Friday to Monday, that's their window," Santillo said.

But don't count on Super Sunday turning in to Super Monday.

"It would take some kind of apocalyptic event for them to move the Super Bowl," Santillo said, adding that the NFL is not afraid to have the game played in snow.
  from NFL..com
The Coldest  Games Ever
9. Jan. 15, 1994 - Ralph Wilson Stadium

10. Dec. 22, 1990 - Lambeau Field
Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions
Temperature: 2 degrees

9. Jan. 15, 1994 - Ralph Wilson Stadium
AFC Playoff: Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Raiders (pictured above)   Temperature: 0 degrees / Wind chill: -32 degrees

8. Dec. 26, 1993 - Lambeau Field
Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Raiders
Temperature: 0 degrees

7. Dec. 10, 1972 - Metropolitan Stadium
Minnesota Vikings vs.Green Bay Packers
Temperature: 0 degrees / Wind chill: -18 degrees

6. Dec. 3, 1972 - Metropolitan Stadium
Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears
Temperature: -2 degrees / Wind chill: -26 degrees

5. Jan. 20, 2008 - Lambeau Field
NFC Championship Game: Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants.  Temperature: -4 degrees / Wind chill: -24 degrees

4. Jan. 4, 1981 - Cleveland Municipal Stadium
AFC playoff: Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland Raiders  Temperature: -5 degrees

3. Jan. 7, 1996 - Arrowhead Stadium
AFC playoff: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts   Temperature: -6 degrees

2. Jan. 10, 1982 - Riverfront Stadium
AFC Championship Game: Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers   Temperature: -9 degrees / Wind chill: -59 degrees

1. Dec. 31, 1967 - Lambeau Field
The Ice Bowl" - NFL Championship, Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys    Temperature: -13 degrees / Wind chill: - 48 degree
In fact, the league may actually be looking forward to a few flurries. Santillo says that a little snow would create a picture perfect Super Bowl. The ideal forecast may be something similar to what the Buffalo Sabres played in at the 2008 Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"This could be a super positive, "Santillo said. "A lot of people are looking at the negatives, and I get that. It's the biggest sporting event in America, you need to mitigate as many problems as you can. But this could really set a bar as far as cold weather cities getting Super Bowls.

If there's a little bit of snow coming down, social media will absolutely explode. I think it's a huge opportunity if they handle is correctly, and I think they will."
   -RJ Santillo, ESPN 98.7 in NYC

CBS Sports Commentator Steve Tasker, a veteran of the Buffalo Bills coldest game ever- the 1994 AFC playoff game with a wind chill of - 32 degrees  suggests that the NFL "nail biting" and "hand wringing" over a possible cold cancellation only adds to the hype.

"If its a horrrific game weather wise it will be the most watched television program of all time and probably hit the record out of the park," Tasker tells WBEN, adding that a successful game would be a "win win" for the league and probably spawn more cold weather tern outdoor venues in the future.

Both he and Santillo say preparations for the cold are being made.

The NFL and personnel at MetLife Stadium had a Super Bowl pop quiz on snow removal.  The league and stadium officials decided to use a winter storm that dumped a foot or more of snow in the New York City metropolitan area Tuesday as somewhat of a dress rehearsal  to see how quickly they could clean the 80,000-seat facility that will hold the first outdoor Super Bowl in cold weather.
NFL executive vice president Eric Grubman said Wednesday an 18-hour time limit was set for removing the snow from the stadium, surrounding parking lots and access roads in the Meadowlands sports complex, where the game will be played Feb. 2.

Meanwhile, organizers are getting ready for what they hope will be a big increase in the number of people using public transportation, something that could soften the blow if weather becomes an issue.
They've already dubbed the game at MetLife Stadium the first "mass transit" Super Bowl. That will depend on whether people leave their cars at home or at their hotel.
New Jersey Transit and PATH rail lines will offer expanded service to accommodate what's expected to be a few hundred thousand visitors during Super Bowl week.
On game day, ticketholders can take trains or buses from six locations in New York City and three in New Jersey operated by the Super Bowl host committee. The bus costs $51 for a round-trip ticket, and tickets have to be bought by Friday.

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01/24/2014 4:04PM
Super Bowl Monday? Not So Fast.
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