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Chef's Closed By Burst Water Pipe

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) -- Western New Yorkers are familiar with the hazards of burst water pipes. On Sunday, it happened to one of the area's most popular restaurants.

Chef's Italian Restaurant will be closed for the next three days, at least, after a pipe burst in the building's third floor attic Sunday afternoon. City firefighters responded to the alarms, and the owners surveyed the damage, arriving at the decision to close late Sunday evening.

The restaurant on Seneca Street in downtown Buffalo will be closed Monday through Wednesday, at minimum, for lunch, dinner, and banquets -- however, drop off catering requests still will be honored.

The Billittier family issued a statement thanking the Fire Department for their swift response, and apologizing for any inconvenince to customers. Administrative staff will try and answer any inquries during normal business hours.

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