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"Is income inequality really getting getting worse?"
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01/27/2014 12:25PM
Is income inequality really getting getting worse?
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01/27/2014 2:18PM
Surprised you'd go anywhere near this one.
Getting the peasants to oppose their own interests has been the core principle of right wing media since the late 1970s. Ix-nay on the acts-fay.
01/28/2014 10:37AM
Right out of Communism 101
People who work for a living should, and do, help those who CAN NOT help themselves, but should not be forced to support those who have no intention of supporting themselves. People are born equal, and have equal opportunities, but those who do not take advantage of the opportunities have no right to expect those who do to support them. It doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes parents. If those who are able, but not willing, to work were contributing to the economy instead of leaching from it, there would be far less crime because they now have too much given to them and too much time on there hands. This country's founders came to be free to do things for themselves and not expect big government to do it for them.
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