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How Does This Winter Compare to Winters Past?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) It's been a winter with bitter cold temperatures, lots of snow, and even a blizzard. But meteorologists say it has a ways to go to make a mark in history.

"It's ranking as the 33rd coldest on record," says National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Kelly, who notes the winter of 1976-77 is the second coldest on record.

The average temperature this winter has been 29.1, while it averaged 24.8 degrees in 1976-77, and snow wise, this winter has seen 77 inches so far, the winter with the infamous blizzard saw 199.4 inches.

But this winter has some catching up to be among the snowiest this millenium.as Kelly says the 2000-2001 saw 158.7 inches and 2010-11 had 111 inches.

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