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Board Members Question Late Buffalo School Closure

Two Buffalo school board members are speaking out about delays in closing Buffalo schools this morning, questioning whether an announcement after 6 am came after students were already out waiting for the bus.

 Typically, the he decision to close usually comes around 5:30 in the morning, according to Al D'amico, the district's director of Transportation.

 Today schools closed before 6 am, but a clarification that said staff and those taking a Regents exam had to come in, didn't reach many parents until after 6:30.

 Board member James Sampson wants to know why the decision was made so late that some students were left standing outside

 " You know the purpose for closing in the cold is that frostbite happens really quickly. Kids in general, but a lot of our kids, don't have the right kind of winter wear and if they are standing on a street corner waiting for a bus it puts them in jeopardy, and if the bus isn't coming it puts them in greater jeopardy. Sampson said.

 School board member Carl Paladino - a frequent critic of Superintendent Pamela Brown- says the late decision is her fault.

 "Every other school last night, they canceled school. In Buffalo, they couldn't even get a hold of her," says Paladino.

Meanwhile, Brown says that she followed her normal procedure when deciding to close school Wednesday, including contacting "a board member" for input.

"We have reviewed our procedures, I met with my staff this morning, and I do expect that we will be sending out earlier notification," Brown said.

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