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"Will He Run? Buffalo Visit Could Mark Trump's Turning Point in Gov. Race"
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01/30/2014 7:11AM
Will He Run? Buffalo Visit Could Mark Trump's Turning Point in Gov. Race
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01/30/2014 9:20AM
Please run, The Donald!
Sincerely, The Democrats
01/30/2014 9:34AM
GOP = Thug Party
Might as well run Michael Grimm for Lieutenant Governor while you're at it.
01/30/2014 10:55AM
Mr P.J.Carey
I think we can all agree that Trumps business mind is just what this state needs, he knows how to make money,he knows how to handle the most extreme situations,he has a proven record of success ,and most of all there will be no hands in his pockets. Thisman could save this state, I am retiring soon and I will take that guys advise from Albany if nothing changes. We don't need another politician
01/30/2014 1:32PM
Democrats = Big Government = Donkey Party
Time to stop giving handouts in order to buy low information votes. Get Rid of all the jackaZZes Cuomo, Obama and Shumer!
01/30/2014 3:12PM
We know Republicans are pretty stupid
we just didn't think they were THAT stupid.
01/30/2014 9:26PM
Rhymes with Trump. Starts with ch
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