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Trump Speaks in WNY

Depew, NY (WBEN) - Donald Trump spoke on Friday in front of a crowd of over 600 Western New Yorkers at a fundraiser for the Erie County Republican Committee.

During his speech, Trump restated what he told WBEN's Tom Bauerle on Thursday, saying that he will run, and will win, the 2014 gubernatorial election, but only if there is a united Republican party. According to Trump, a united republican party means that no primary election would be held.


"The Republicans can absolutely win the gubernatorial election," Trump said. "But I feel strongly that you have to be unified." Trump said after his speech that there is no deadline for deciding to enter the race, instead he simply said that if there is a unified party he will run.

Trump received a large ovation when he mocked the NY-SAFE Act, calling it the Un-Safe Act. "We know one thing for sure, the bad guys are going to keep their guns. So if I'm sitting in Buffalo in my house and some guy walks in with a gun, I don't want him to have a gun when I don't have one."

Trump also answered questions about development in Buffalo. On The Tom Bauerle Show on Thursday, Trump said "there's nothing happening in Buffalo, that's for sure," when talking about economic development. Trump stood by his comments on Friday. "There's nothing going on in economic development, and I guarantee right after the election, if the Democrats get in they will leave and abandon you as they have (before)." 

Before the speech, about 100 supporters stood outside of Salvatore's to welcome Trump to Buffalo. One woman said that she believed Trump was like (Star Wars character) Obi-Wan Kenobi, "because he's our only hope."

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01/31/2014 8:48PM
Trump Speaks in WNY
What did you think of Trump's speech?
02/01/2014 6:46AM
A low point for WNY
Boy do we look stupid. Anyone who gave money to this guy is a rube.
02/01/2014 8:30AM
He's perfect and we should all worship him
And when he's our Supreme Leader, government snowshoes *will* leave footprints.
02/01/2014 11:46AM
Low point......REALY!!!
Jesse Ventura and Ahhhhnold were so much better?? You realy need to stop!!
02/01/2014 1:04PM
Notice a trend?
George W Bush ... Sarah Palin ... Carl Palomino ... Ted Cruz ... just when you think wingnuts have hit rock bottom ... rhymes with Trump, starts with ch
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