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"Trump Speaks in WNY"
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01/31/2014 8:48PM
Trump Speaks in WNY
What did you think of Trump's speech?
02/01/2014 6:46AM
A low point for WNY
Boy do we look stupid. Anyone who gave money to this guy is a rube.
02/01/2014 8:30AM
He's perfect and we should all worship him
And when he's our Supreme Leader, government snowshoes *will* leave footprints.
02/01/2014 11:46AM
Low point......REALY!!!
Jesse Ventura and Ahhhhnold were so much better?? You realy need to stop!!
02/01/2014 1:04PM
Notice a trend?
George W Bush ... Sarah Palin ... Carl Palomino ... Ted Cruz ... just when you think wingnuts have hit rock bottom ... rhymes with Trump, starts with ch
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