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"Andre Reed Elected into Pro Football Hall of Fame"
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02/01/2014 7:18PM
Andre Reed Elected into Pro Football Hall of Fame
Congratulate Andre here!
02/01/2014 9:47PM
He Is The Best!
Til this day, he is still the best on a slant pattern over the middle. So deserving.
02/01/2014 9:54PM
Congradulations Andre Reed
We enjoyed watching your performance in all the games you played for the Buffalo Bills.
02/03/2014 12:43AM
Congratulations Andre Reed
Former Amherst Snyder, N.Y. resident with Bills Club in Huntington Beach, Ca Wings N Things Restaurant helped you and Jim Kelly, James Lofton load hams & Turkeys on freight truck before Giants game in December 1990 @ Tops markets Truway Plaza ; i went to that game Bills won 17-14 and then on to Super Bowl XXV next month vs same Giants Love Ya brother never forget that December 1990 helping you guys out your the best Andre Charles Nicholson
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