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Three Arrested in Lancaster Overdose

Lancaster, NY (WBEN) Three people have been arrested after a woman overdosed in her home in Lancaster.

Police were called to Hess Place this morning and police say the 26 year old woman had overdosed on suspected opiates. Police say the woman's one year old daughter was in the home at the time, and because of deplorable conditions, Child Protective Services was called in. Police tell WBEN the child was removed from the house, which was determined to be uninhabitable by the building inspector.

The three arrested are charged with child endangerment, but because of the state's Good Samaritan Law, none can be charged with a controlled substance offense. Charges against the 26 year old female are forthcoming.
Hypodermic needles and other evidence recovered at the scene were taken and turned over to Lancaster Police detectives for further testing.

The woman who overdosed is undergoing evaluation at ECMC

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