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Getting Ready for the 2014 Buffalo Auto Show

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Moving cars in to the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center for the Buffalo Auto Show can be tricky, but probably not in the way you'd expect.

"The upstairs is the easiest part of our show to move in," said Paul Stasiak, President of the Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association. "The downstairs we should sell tickets to, because it's rather entertaining. We come down Franklin Street, through a series of doors that were just remodeled to accommodate our Auto Show. We blow (the doors) out, we come down a ramp, through one of the ballrooms, back through the kitchen, swing it back around, and then we start to load some of the back rooms from the back of the building."

That may seem like a lot of work, but it is actually an easier process than what Stasiak's crews had to do before, when the cars would come in through the second level, and then take the freight elevator down to the lower level, often one at a time.

"I don't think when the center was built, they had any vision of us taking every square foot of the Convention Center to bring in cars, and over the years we've evolved to the point where we've made additions, and the Convention Center has made terrific accommodations on construction to make it a lot easier, and quite honestly a lot safer."

Stasiak says they start to move in cars the Saturday before the show, and work all the way up until show time to put on the finishing touches. After the event, they follow the same process to tear it all down.

Extra care is taken while moving in each car, but what car is the most nerve racking to move, a large truck, or an expensive sports car? "It's always the big trucks, but you do pay a little bit more attention to the high-line cars because you're sensitive to what that car's built on. I'd say the big, heavy trucks, but they're all our babies this week."

The Buffalo Auto show starts this Thursday, and runs through Sunday.



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