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Thruway Takes Proactive Steps to Avoid Stranded Drivers

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As Western New York braces for yet another winter storm, the Thruway Authority has been taking steps to make sure drivers don't get stranded if things get bad.

After the 2010 snowstorm, the authority introduced gates that are used to close off access. "What it does is it frees up human resources," says Tom Pericak of the Thruway Authority. "Rather than having a trooper or maintenance worker physically block it, we just swing the gate over and proceed to the next location." Pericak says those gates are used when an accident closes all lanes at certain parts of the Thruway.

Pericak says the authority has also been using the media to alert drivers about road closures, and it's also gone to Internet. "We have our TransAlert which you can sign up for on our website, and you can information about closures along the Thruway," says Pericak. He adds the authority also tweets closures.