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How Are Road Salt Supplies Here?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) While some communities downstate are reeling with a lack of salt, public works commissioners in both the city and the county say there's plenty here.

"We've got regular shipments coming in, no problems," says Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak. He says 4,000-7,000 tons of road salt are regularly on hand, and the city orders regularly so there are no issues.

Erie County's Public Works Commissioner says there are no shortage issues to worry about, either. "As long as we don't run out of money, we're good," says John Loffredo. "This is the highest it's been since the 2010-2011 winter," and he says the county has spent nearly $1 million on salt this year. "We only stock what we have in our salt barns, and we're using it up at a fast rate. Then we re-fill it, we don't have a pile laying someplace where we could draw from," explains Loffredo.

Loffredo says if the state called upon the county for extra road salt to help other communities, it may be a tough go. "I'm not too sure we can spare anything, because there might be a budget concern on our part," he notes. Stepniak says that has to be initiated by the state. "We have to see what leaves us here, and over the weekend," Stepniak adds.

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