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"Sugary Drinks & Beer Still OK; CVS Plans Stop At Tobacco"
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02/06/2014 6:12AM
Sugary Drinks & Beer Still OK; CVS Plans Stop At Tobacco
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02/06/2014 8:19AM
Cue the whining wingnuts
Cigarette addiction is just like being a Republican voter who owns fewer than seven homes: You're acting against your own interests, supporting a death industry that has no reservations about lying and stealing, and is just plain stupid. And for the record, this is a (positive) decision CVS made, it's not communist or socialist or fascist no matter how many lies you hear on hate radio.
02/06/2014 9:15AM
what now?
I'm a non smoker but I'm also an American. If people want to have a bad habit that's their right. Now the drug stores are playing daddy. Could someone please tell the liberals, do-gooders, and Lefties, that "they don't belong in New York State". I'm pro gay marriage, and I work for the tax payers, but I'm tired of Democrats telling everyone how to live. If they weren't blowing everyone's money in the name of entitlement they never would have started taxing cigarettes in the first place.
02/06/2014 10:34AM
Tea Party Patriet
I'm so mad I'm gong to smoke even more, maybee burn down my duble wide. I'm so mad I'm sending more monney to Glen Beck!
02/06/2014 10:55AM
Mr Cue
Anger management.....anger management....anger management...
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