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SPCA: Cat Found in West Seneca With Handcuff On Neck

Erie County SPCA investigators are looking for the person who clamped a handcuff around a cat's neck.

The white cat with tabby patches was found on a street in West Seneca on Monday.

Investigators say the female cat didn't appear to be hurt by the handcuff, which appeared to have been around her neck for a long time, based on the condition of her fur. They took the cat to a locksmith where the handcuff was removed.

Investigators are asking anyone who knows how the handcuff got on the cat to call the SPCA.

From the SPCA here's the announcement  and some pictures of the cat, now named "Anastasia"


SPCA Serving Erie County officers received a call from a Duerstein St., West Seneca resident yesterday, concerned over a stray cat that seemed to have a handcuff locked around her neck.

The concerned community member was able to confine the cat late last night; NYS Peace Officer and SPCA Animal Rescue Officer Bill Heine, who says the cat was very sweet even with the cuff on, picked up the cat at 11:00 pm and transported her to the SPCA's 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda infirmary. The cat's breathing did not appear to be impaired, yet according to the SPCA's Director of Animal Cruelty Investigations and Admissions Amy Jaworski, "Based on the condition of her fur and her discolored, worn hair, it's clear the cuff has been around her neck for quite some time."

Despite several attempts to remove the cuff, officers and members of the SPCA veterinary team were unable to unlock the cuff from the cat's neck.

This morning, (Wednesday) the cat, dubbed Anastasia, was transported to Suburban Lock and Key on Delaware Avenue in Kenmore where, for $25.00, a key was provided to unlock the cuff.

Anastasia is thought to be approximately two and a half years old, weighs six pounds, and is already up for adoption at the SPCA's Tonawanda shelter. Anyone with information on who may be responsible for the condition of the cat is encouraged to call the SPCA's Animal Cruelty Investigations Department, 716-875-7360. For information on adopting Anastasia, call the SPCA Adoptions Department: 716-629-3531.


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