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Great Lakes Ice Cover At Highest Level Since 1996

BUFFALO, NY (WBEN) - One effect of the persistently cold winter of 2013-2014 is showing up on the world's largest group of freshwater lakes.According to a recent analysis by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, ice covered 78.7 percent of the Great Lakes on February 6. A new Weather Channel story sheds light on how much ice coverage there actually is.

Not since early 1996 has ice cover been so widespread on the Great Lakes.This is an abrupt turn around from the past four winters, during which the peak ice coverage remained around 40 percent or less

When looking at individual lakes, just over 92 percent of Lake Superior, just under 88 percent of Lake Huron, almost 95 percent of Lake Erie, and around 53 percent of Lake Michigan is ice covered. Much deeper Lake Ontario is only about 29 percent of ice covered.


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