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"Michael Sam Ready to Be NFL's First Openly Gay Player"
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02/10/2014 6:46AM
Michael Sam Ready to Be NFL's First Openly Gay Player
What do you think? Will it matter?
02/10/2014 7:39AM
Who really cares?
I don't care if you're gay. None of my business. All of this forced news coverage of what happens regarding someones sexual preference is nothing short of sexual harassment. If any heterosexual person walked around their office and startedtalking about their sexual preferences? They could be charged with sexual harassment. The media should not be exempt for their participation.
02/10/2014 8:22AM
But please keep it to yourself. Why do people feel the need to broadcast their private matters?
02/10/2014 8:41AM
Cue the haters
And remember the rule: the more aggrieved and animated the homophobe, the more you can be assured that you're looking at a closet case.
02/10/2014 12:33PM
It is *NOT* sexual harassment for someone to state they are gay. Not when heterosexuality is just *assumed*. You have a picture of your spouse or boy / girl friend on your desk. You hold their hand walking down the street. Kiss them goodbye at the bus stop or when you drop them to work. No one bats an eyelash when you and I announce our heterosexuality dozens of times a day, without words, because it's assumed. Let a gay person do the same, and suddenly it is harassment, or flaunting or whatever you with to call it this week. Sorry it doesn't wash.
02/10/2014 2:24PM
What a crock!!!
1. I do not believe so called gay people choose the road they are on, as such, proclaiming your lifestyle choices is the last thing a truly career oriented player would say. 2. Truly no one cares, except the bloodsuckers in the media. They pull and pull until they destroy something, after all that's all the buffalo public wants to see. 3. He is probably a useless player, needs to publicize, wants some team to help him out on his publicity stunt. 4. this is just Tim Tebow, focused in an entirely different direction. BOTH are really objectionable, if you care ask your jesus to FIX him!
02/10/2014 3:18PM
Somewhere, somewhere ...
... somewhere there's an issue where the wingnuts and mouthbreathers may actually have a valid point. Can't think of any though, and this issue is certainly not it.
02/10/2014 4:38PM
But Really
Don't ask don't tell,seems to make alot of sense to me. Hope Sam got his degree,because he may need it.
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