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Board of Regents Adjusts Common Core Implementation

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The State Board of Regents P-12 Education and Higher Education Committees adopted several measures to adjust the implementation of the Common Core standards.

The changes will delay the impact of Common Core-related state assessments on educators and students, and reduce the level of local school district testing associated with the new teacher evaluation law and higher standards for teaching and learning.

Under the changes, the requirement to pass Common Core-based Regents exams at the college and career ready level will be extended. The class of 2022 will be the first to face the new higher graduation requirements, 12 years after the adoption of the standards in 2010.

Education Commissioner John King says current high school students will be able to pass Common Core-aligned Regents exams with a score of 65, but the class of 2022 will be expected to get a 75 on the English language arts exam and an 80 on math.

In addition, the Board and SED will support reducing standardized testing by local school districts through grants that require districts to review their local assessments and eliminate any unnecessary or duplicative assessments. The measure approved by the committees today will provide added protection for educators by approving an emergency regulation to protect teachers and principals from unfair termination based on 2012-13 and 2013-14 assessment results in districts that did not timely implement the Common Core by providing adequate professional development, guidance on curriculum, or other necessary supports.

The full Board is expected to act on the Committee reports Tuesday, February 11th

"We have listened to the concerns of parents and teachers," Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch said in a statement. "We've heard the concerns expressed at the hearings and forums, and we regret that the urgency of our work, and the unevenness of implementation, have caused frustration and anxiety for some of our educators, students, and their families."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn't impressed with the changes. In a statement, Cuomo says the "recommendations are another in a series of missteps by the Board of Regents that suggests the time has come to seriously reexamine its capacity and performance. These recommendations are simply too little, too late for our parents and students." 

"Common Core is the right goal and direction as it is vital that we have a real set of standards for our students and a meaningful teacher evaluation system. However, Common Core’s implementation in New York has been flawed and mismanaged from the start. As far as today's recommendations are concerned, there is a difference between remedying the system for students and parents and using this situation as yet another excuse to stop the teacher evaluation process," Cuomo added.

"Any major shift – especially one involving 700 school districts, more than 4500 schools, and millions of students—is going to require adjustments and course corrections along the way," King said in a statement. "The implementation of the higher standards has been uneven, and these changes will help strengthen the important work happening in schools throughout the state."

King also announced the State has delayed the launch of the data dashboards related to inBloom to allow SED to work with legislators to address concerns about data security and third party providers used by the State and districts.

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