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Schools Dealing With Threats is Sad Reality

Sanborn, NY (WBEN) - When a 911 call was made Monday morning saying there was a bomb in two area high schools, the Niagara County Sheriff's Department had a feeling that it wasn't a credible threat. However, that didn't keep them from acting just as if there was immediate danger.

"We have to take everything seriously until we can disprove it," said Niagara County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Steven Preisch.

In this day and age, police agencies are prepared to handle any threat made against a school. "Things have changed dramatically in the job of a police officer," said Preisch. "Things like Columbine and Sandy Hook and everything that has transpired over the last couple decades has made things that you can't take anything lightly."

Schools are prepared as well. Niagara Wheatfield Superintendent Lynn Fusco didn't waste any time evacuating her school after a bomb threat Monday morning.

"My main responsibility is to ensure that the students in our buildings are safe," Fusco said. "I treat it as if it's a threat and it's a viable threat, that's why our students were evacuated from the building."

School districts don't respond the same way to every threat. Different plans are made for different scenarios. "Every school has an emergency plan in place for many different types of scenarios," said Preisch. "It's sad but unfortunately that's the society we live in nowadays."

"We have a district-wide safety plan, and we also have building safety plans so that we do act in accordance with those plans, and we do prepare," said Fusco.

Priesch says that how a school responds to this type of Bomb threat is ultimately the district's decision. However different circumstances, such as the Gunman scare at Harvey Austin Elementary School last week, will require different types of police intervention.

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