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Forget Trump or Astorino: Guess Who's Tossed His Gloves Into the Ring

No Matter what Trump or Astorino Do... They Will Have Competition from More than Gov. Cuomo

Remember this guy?

Jimmy McMillan, who leapt to fame with a wildly unorthodox appearance at the 2010 gubernatorial debate featuring Gov. Cuomo and Bufalo's Carl Paladino- says he will run again.  

Here's his campaign announcement released late Monday.

“We Are Ready”
February 10, 2014 Jimmy McMillan
Founder, CEO

(Announcement Soon To Be Made In Early March)

Jimmy McMillan of the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” is making preparations to run for Governor of the State of New York in 2014. Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a big disappointment to the people in the State of New York. Three (3 ½ ) years of sitting in Albany the Governor are yet to address and resolved the most critical issues dealing with the People and State. What could have been done should have been done but this Governor Andrew Cuomo simply doesn’t know how to do it. The most critical areas (Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens) that effect the people the most are in Apartment/ Housing where the Governor himself is apart of the (Ponzi’s) Bernie Madoff style corruption that exist in these areas . He must go! Using the brain washing style of Bernie Madoff that is better known in my camp as the Democratic Strategy of Hypnosis. He lied just to become Governor of the State of New York to satisfy his ego. Like Father like Son. At Hofstra University in the 2010 Gubernatorial Debate. I laid out a blueprint for governors and heads of States to follow for not only to get the State of New York going in the right economic direction but the entire Country and that message was totally ignored.

1. I spoke of New York State becoming an independent State of resources. New York State having its own everything. Cellophane company, Light & Gas Company. The possibilities are endless.

2. I spoke of reducing the cost of living for the “PEOPLE”

3. I spoke of fighting to waving college tuition for all New Yorkers

4. I spoke of economic growth, job creation and job development. New Yorkers, New York. New York, New Yorkers. My mission was to revitalize the ailing economy then and now! In 2015 it will be done.

Jimmy McMillan Is Back for Governor in 2014

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