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Courtesy: Accuweather.com

Relief From Bitter Cold Coming?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As the weather system that's dumping snow and ice on the south rolls through, it could give us in Western New York a little bit of relief from the bitter cold we've been dealing with much of the last two months.

"It won't be immediate but it will shift the jet stream a little bit so we shut off this flow of arctic air, and create more of a flow of Pacific air," says Accuweather's Alex Sosnowski. "It looks like as we go on through next week, we should see temperatures ease up for part of the week, and next weekend, high temperatures in the 40s will be common. It won't be a heat wave, but with the temperature 25 degrees warmer, it will feel substantially better."

As we get into March, Sosnowski says there are no guarantees this will continue. "It looks like a traditional see-saw pattern where we'll see a few days of cold, then a few days where the temperature is fighting back to get to normal," explains Sosnowski.

This winter, the average temperature has been four degrees colder than normal.

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