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Arrest in Niagara Falls Bomb Threat

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) A 15 year old student at Niagara Falls High School has been charged with the bomb threats that led to an evacuation at one school, and the lockdown of another.

Niagara Falls Police and the Niagara County Sheriff's Office say the 15 year old student told investigators it was a prank gone bad.

Investigators say the call to 911 came from a prepaid cell phone, which belonged to a home health aid worker.
Police say the worker left the phone in the home of a client. The teen is related to that client and used the phone without permission according to police.

Police say he named not only Niagara Falls High School but Niagara Wheatfield because that's where his girlfriend goes to school. She's not believed to be involved.

The teen faces a felony falsely reporting an incident and will be arraigned in family court.

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