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Great Ice Coverage of Great Lakes

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) This winter has been a cold one, and the Great Lakes region has seen bitterly cold temperatures and the lakes have been covered by ice.

Tom Niziol, winter weather expert at The Weather Channel says it was the winter of 1993-94 when more than 90 percent of the Great Lakes was covered by ice. "The only other year that has surpassed this year in ice coverage at this date was the winter of 1976-77, one of the coldest on record," says Niziol.

Niziol says 92 percent of Lake Superior is covered with ice, Lake Erie is 95 to 98 percent covered, and Lake Ontario has about 30 percent ice cover. "It would take an extermely cold winter for Lake Ontario to be covered more than 75 percent," explains Niziol.

Niziol says although warmer weather is forecast, it will take several weeks of warm weather to melt the ice down.

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