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Candy Stores Gear Up for Valentine's Day

Buffalo, NY (AP/WBEN) - Just in time for Valentine's Day, an Associated Press-WE tv survey finds most adults excited about the holiday and looking forward to a gift on Friday.
Flowers and candy are the most preferred gifts. Smaller numbers prefer something pricey like a car, jewelry or vacation. About a third would most like to have intangibles such as time together, health or happiness.
In Western New York, candy shops are prepared for one of their busiest days.

"It's just a constant whirlwind around here, from yelling in the back to yelling in the front, to what we're out of, what we're not out of. It's constant craziness," said Anna Hartog of the Park Edge Sweet Shop in South Buffalo. Hartog says that Valentine's Day is her second-busiest day of the year behind Good Friday.

While the volume of customers around Valentine's day hasn't changed, Hartog says that there are different people coming in to her shop than in years past. "Who people are buying gifts for has changed. It's not as big of a husband and wife holiday as it is for grandmothers buying for grandkids, and parents buying for their children. So it has shifted in who people are buying for, but it's still just as busy for us."

Hartog says there is also a difference in customer between the beginning of the week and the day before Valentine's day. She says that men are more likely to procrastinate in buying their gifts.

Shops like Park Edge are also doing their best to make sure candy is the preferred gift over flowers. Hartog says Park Edge makes cookie bouquets, which are basically floral arrangements, but with cookies replacing the flowers. Why are cookies better than flowers?

"Because they taste much better," Hartog said.

In this love-struck society, 61 percent say they're excited about Valentine's Day, while 32 percent dread it.
For the 11 percent of adults currently seeking a committed relationship, traditional methods of finding a date outpace those that rely on technology.

02/13/2014 4:30PM
Candy Stores Gear Up for Valentine's Day
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