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Ulrich's to Re-Open in April

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) One of Buffalo's oldest taverns will be back in business. Ulrich's has been bought by an attorney who's also a preservationist.

Tom Eoannou recalls eating at the tavern as a young lawyer. "Over the past 30 years, I've gone there too many times to count. I always loved the atmosphere, loved the ambience, loved the fact it has the original tables and chairs. I loved the place," says Eoannou.

Eoannou called his lawyers about buying the tavern after reading about its permanent closure in April. "It was tough negotiating because a number people wanted to buy it. One of them wanted to make it a parking lot," says Eoannou, who viewed that as a travesty. Eoannou plans to keep it almost the exact way it looked before the closure.

Eoannou is bringing Sal Buscaglia of Snooty Fox Lounge to run Ulrich's. "We talked about keeping it like the 1868 saloon and he was on with that. We will do the same German food along with 21st century fare, which is obviously healthier," explains Eoannou.

Eoannou says work is being done to re-open the tavern in mid-April. He just finished renovating the North Park Theater.

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