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Buffalo Mass Mob Bringing Attention to Historic Churches

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) You may have heard about the Buffalo Mass Mob, a group looking to help Buffalo's struggling churches. The man who organized it says he was inspired after seeing one of them.

"I got the inspiration to do a Facebook mass. It was pretty successful, we drew a couple hundred people to it," says Chris Byrd, one of the organizers. "Fast forward a couple years, and I was looking for ways to help churches that were falling off the radar screen and give them some attention."

After hearing about the Cash Mob, where a group would go to a local business to help them, Byrd says "a light bulb went off in my head saying I could apply this to bring attention to local churches by having a mass of people show up at them."

The first Buffalo Mass Mob was in November at St. Adalbert Basilica, and the second was in January at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. He didn't know what the response would be, but it turned out 200 people showed up. The response from the church was just as positive. "They loved the support. They think it's great. The pastors of both churches welcomed us. Our Lady of Perpetual Help held a reception for us afterward," says Byrd. He adds former parishoners told him they were looking for an excuse to come back, and returned with the Buffalo Mass Mob.

Four churches are being voted on to host the next Buffalo Mass Mob: St. Casimir Church, St. Anthony Church, Holy ANgels Church, and St. Kant Church. The vote ends February 24th, with the mass mob taking place March 23rd.

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