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Donald Trump's Bumpy Political Road

New York, N.Y. (WBEN) - It's no secret Donald Trump both attracts media attention and often times seeks it out.  And now a critical piece of Trump by Buzzfeed has landed one of Trump's full time advisers out of a job.  Sam Nunberg has left the side of Donald Trump as a top political adviser following a story in Buzzfeed about Trump's Presidential aspirations.

Nunberg cautiously allowed Buzzfeed to interview Trump and the result was less than complimentary.  After the publication and Nunberg's resignation, he stated:

I tendered my resignation directly to Mr. Trump on Friday morning after the publication of what I considered to be an incredible pejorative hit piece by McKay Coppins in BuzzFeed. While I did not expect a love letter, I expect an unbiased, professional and balanced article. Sadly, the number of rife inaccuracies, mean spirited tone and complete failure of Mr. McKay to properly reflect when Mr. Trump was speaking to him in a sarcastic manner, in a blatant effort to depict in the worst possible light.

Trump's much talked about and possible run for Governor of New York also got a polling blow late last week when Quinnipiac released results of its latest polling.  According to the polling unit, Gov. Cuomo buries Donald Trump 63 - 26 percent and tops Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino 58 - 24 percent.  Trump has said he will make a final decision on running by the end of the month.

Following is the complete poll:

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