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Caputo: Now Not the Time to Look at Polls

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) In Wednesday's New York Post, Assemblyman Keiran Lalor says Donald Trump should not run for governor because he knows he won't defeat Governor Cuomo. One man who's trying to convince Trump to run says now is not the time to look for polls.

Meantime, Trump himself tweeted internal polls give him an edge over Rob Astorino, but will not run if the Republicans are not united. Michael Caputo tells WBEN's Tom Bauerle Lalor should not have brought up polls right now. "You don't look at polls when no one has declared," says Caputo. "According to the polls (Lalor's) quoting, Donald Trump won't even get the same number of votes as Carl Paladino did in 2010." Caputo says the numbers are realistic but the polls are dubious because no one has entered the race formally.

Caputo says Lalor has also stirred up a battle between Astorino and Trump. "Kieran Lalor has opened up a war. If you've listened to Trump, you've never heard him knock on Astorino's record. There are a lot of negatives Trump could talk about Astorino, but has not because of a truce between the two," says Caputo. "Now that Lalor is out there picking out Trump's negatives, the game is on."

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