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Hearthstone Manor to Close Its Doors March 7th

Depew, NY (WBEN) Brides have been scrambling since word came Thursday afternoon of the closure of Hearthstone Manor. We've learned the facility will close for good March 7th.

Michael Fantaske of the Buffalo Bridal Association says he spoke with the Hearthstone's general manager Thursday. Reading from a communique from Hearthstone, "Although we face the same challenges as many business in Western New York, we are committed to meeting our obligations with our customers," says Fantaske. He adds other wedding facilities have stepped up. "They're helping financially. If a bride has put down $500, a number of facilities will take that as money down toward their facilities," notes Fantaske.

Fantaske says Hearthstone Manor was a staple for weddings in the area. "It's quite a blow to see them not be around after March 7th," laments Fantaske. "They have an enormous parking lot, the food and service have been outstanding, and there's been a tremendous amount of renovation. We call it the new Hearthstone Manor."

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