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Polar Vortex: A Return Engagement!

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN/AccuWeather) - After a break in Winter's frigid cold and a February meltdown that featured rain, milder temperatures and even some flooding, the Polar Vortex has its eyes set on Western New York Again.  No, Winter isn't over yet.  In fact, there's about another month to go.

Forecasters are keeping an eye on the so-called Polar Vortex and expect it to dip southward once again and impact the northeast, including Western New York.  While the exact timing of the Vortex shift isn't known, temperatures through the midweek are expected to be in the teens at best with lows in the single digits.

If there is one piece of good news from the Vortex return, it appears no significant accumulations of snow are expected to accompany the temperature shift.  In fact, the heavy ice cover on the great lakes will help prevent that as noted in the AccuWeather map below.

Read more about the Vortex return from AccuWeather here.

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