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Attorney Prepares Challenge To State Pistol Permit Process

(WBEN) A Buffalo civil rights attorney is planning a lawsuit to challenge the state's right to license firearms.

Buffalo area attorney Jim Ostrowski says he is preparing a lawsuit to show that an onerous licensing process runs counter to the Second Amendment protection of the right to bear arms.

"My basic contention is that if the right to bear arms is a fundamental right, then the state can not license that right, Ostrowski said , during an appearance on WBEN's Hardline program (Sundays 10am-12noon) this weekend.

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"We believe the whole process of getting a permit is unusually burdensome, expensive, and time consuming," says Ostrowski, a civil rights attorney and prominent libertarian who founded the Free Buffalo think tank.


Ostrowski plans to file suit challenging the state's right to license guns in early March,  and says even if he loses in court, there is a broader public issue.

"this issue is ultimately too important to be left to the courts, and if the courts do not protect our rights we 'd have to look to political and other solutions to protect that right," Ostrowski said, adding that the suit is likely to be as much of a legal issue as a public education campaign.

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