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"Sabres Trade Ryan Miller, Steve Ott"
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02/28/2014 8:01PM
Sabres Trade Ryan Miller, Steve Ott
What are you thinking?
02/28/2014 8:16PM
Wonder why they traded their goal tender. He helped them to 1st place in their division. May be able to resign Ott next season
02/28/2014 10:19PM
myrtle beach .S.C.Shock Wave
The SHOCK WAVE HIT myrtle beach at 10 pm. Buffalo fans fell off their seats at taverns and fine dining moments later. Grown men are seen using their napkins to wipe higher than their nose. BEER at wings and things is being watered down with tears...... GoodBye Ryan .....THANKS for all the great moments and your love / help in our home city BUFFALO
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