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"Poll Says Clinton beats Christie, Paul & Ryan in Key Battleground States"
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03/04/2014 8:41AM
Poll Says Clinton beats Christie, Paul & Ryan in Key Battleground States
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03/04/2014 9:42AM
Big deal
Substitute "Moe Larry & Curly" for "Christie, Paul & Ryan" and the only difference is age and hairstyle. And those three are the best you people can offer! Even funnier to see that WBEN is putting up its own low-information candidate in the 26th district, one that will make Victoria Jackson look like Thomas Jefferson. Please proceed, wingers.
03/04/2014 10:06AM
As the past 14 years have demonstrated:
You can be a good Republican or you can be a good American. You cannot be both. Anyone supporting the GOP by now has to be looked at with suspicion.
03/04/2014 11:49AM
Madam President
Get used to it now! :)
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